Final Top Cop Competition Results for 2021
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We’re back!!

The 2021 match was  again a 3 gun competition using your duty pistol, patrol rifle and shotgun, and yes, we’ve again added some new steel reactive targeting to this year’s competition, so if you thought 2019 was a challenge, wait for 2021. Note: If you do not have a patrol rifle and/or shotgun, we will provide an AR style rifle and/or a Remington 870 shotgun or equivalent for you.

Remember, the stakes are high, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place individual and team winners will be awarded a total of $12,000.00 in the form of grants/donations made on their and their agencies behalf to the veteran and/or first responder organization of their choosing, it’s a win-win for all, and as always, the 1st place individual winner will be going home with a new firearm.

Any questions, please do not hesitate e-mailing or calling.

Hope to see you for the 10th Annual Top Cop Competition to be held on August 27, 2022 in case you’ve missed out on this year.

Hope to see you is then.